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Sruthi & Joshi ~ JW Marriott Desert Ridge Wedding ~ Scottsdale, Arizona

Swaying palm trees, perfect sunny weather and gorgeous mountain views were the backdrop for the auspicious October 2012 wedding day of Sruthi and Joshi. Beautiful bride Sruthi, an Arizona native, and her groom Joshi, a great guy from Chicago, chose her hometown for their very large wedding celebration. The bride’s family, originally from South India, held a ceremony that included the exchange of bejeweled bridal outfits, floral garlands, played games and showered lucky rice over the happy bride’s head. A tender moment fostered by the groom included a play on the movie “Love Actually” when Joshi presented Sruthi with a camera that had shots of him holding up several signs, one of which read “I will always love you.” The elegant evening dinner reception was designed with stunning royal colors featuring blue, purple and gold that were inspired by the bride’s wedding sari. Guests were treated to a surprise right before the cake cutting that featured a video from all of the pre- wedding and wedding day events right up to the couple’s grand ballroom entrance. Images by Sameer Soorma — See Video

Author: Suzanne Taussig

Scottsdale, Arizona based destination wedding planner and designer