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Gina & Robert ~ Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale Wedding ~ Scottsdale, Arizona

The desert foothills Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale with its captivating views and crackling fireplaces was the perfect romantic setting for the wedding of Gina and Robert in December 2013.  A cold and chilly first day of winter morning in the Arizona Desert later turned into a most warm and loving afternoon for the couple’s touching wedding ceremony.  Special touches, such as the traditional Hindu ceremony canopy called a mandap, was designed by the bride’s aunt while the Christian vows were officiated by Robert’s longtime family friend and pastor from his native Tucson.  The coming and going of clouds throughout the day added an extra special backdrop for the what was already an extraordinary setting.  The reception was designed with contemporary flair as the glow of staggered floating candlelight topped off a perfect wedding day.  Images by Sameer Soorma


Author: Suzanne Taussig

Scottsdale, Arizona based destination wedding planner and designer