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Arizona Destination Weddings ~ Arizona Wedding Bands

  Courtesy of our gorgeous Arizona weather, our destination wedding couples are quite fortunate to have the option to dance outside under the stars for many months of the year.  Today I visited with Steve Douglas, leader of well-known Arizona band Artists in Rhythm,  and we talked about the many customized weddings that we have produced together….

Arizona Destination Weddings ~ Does My Destination Wedding Planner Need to be a Lawyer too?

Well this is an interesting question.  After 17 years as an executive in the wedding planning/design and event supply industry and after executing hundreds of contracts ranging from vendor to government to the sale of a company, I must say that having a law degree would have been helpful in the earlier days.  Instead, I…

Arizona Destination Weddings ~ Wedding Engagement Photography

  It takes a true wedding photography professional to leave sunny Arizona and stage a wedding engagement photo shoot in Chicago on Lake Michigan in the middle of winter.  Today we are speaking with that professional, Ruby Rideout-Koprivica, an Arizona destination wedding photographer, who braved below freezing temperatures returning to her hometown of Chicago to commemorate…