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Arizona Destination Weddings ~ Grit & Michael ~ Schloss Eyrichshof Wedding ~ Bavaria, Germany

Having been in the wedding and event industry in Arizona for 20 years, we have welcomed international clients to our beautiful state and have traveled to other locations in the US, Hawaii and Mexico.  Now adding to our portfolio, we journeyed across one continent and the Atlantic Ocean to Bavaria, Germany for the wedding of…

Arizona Destination Weddings ~ Sarah & Stephen ~ Galleria Marchetti Wedding ~ Chicago, Illinois

Throughout the past 19 years in the wedding industry, whenever my planning staff and I have left for a destination wedding taking place in a location other than in Arizona, we generally headed to a Pacific beach resort, but in this case, we left the sunny desert in the middle of winter and arrived in…

Arizona Destination Weddings ~ Valet Parking at Special Events

As a wedding planner my job entails many, many details.  One of the most important items on my checklist for weddings and events at private or residential venues is the parking.  Today I’m visiting with American Valet for their take on parking logistics at private venues. ST:  Many Arizona wedding events take place in private residential…