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Arizona Destination Weddings ~ Wedding Engagement Photography


It takes a true wedding photography professional to leave sunny Arizona and stage a wedding engagement photo shoot in Chicago on Lake Michigan in the middle of winter.  Today we are speaking with that professional, Ruby Rideout-Koprivica, an Arizona destination wedding photographer, who braved below freezing temperatures returning to her hometown of Chicago to commemorate the engagement of this Arizona groom and his Chicago bride.

ST:  Ruby, it looked very cold that day.  Why was it so important to get this engagement photo shoot done here and now?

RK:  Yes, my fingers were feeling the burn for a while even though I myself am a Chicago native.  However, the bride and groom were being professionally relocated to another city and needed to get the shoot done in advance of their move.  Chicago is a special place for them and they wanted that reflected in their session.

ST:  Why is it so important for couples to ask for an engagement session during their initial photography consultations?

RK:  An engagement photo session is so important to both the couple and to the photographer because it enables them to work together before the wedding. The couple becomes not only more comfortable with the camera, but with the photographer as well. The session is usually complimentary with a wedding package and you receive casual, creative and romantic photos of the love you share together that are more reflective of your daily lifestyle.  On the day of your wedding you’ll then be very excited and comfortable with your photographer during a very busy and exciting day.

ST:  Well your images of this couple definitely reflect that love is in the air, even on a cloudy and cold day in Chicago.  Thank you Ruby for sharing your insight on wedding engagement photography.

Please visit Ruby for more information on her services or contact me for your customized destination wedding planning services at +1.480.688-1226.

Images by Ruby Rideout-Koprivica

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Author: Suzanne Taussig

Scottsdale, Arizona based destination wedding planner and designer