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Thu & Vinay ~ Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa ~ Phoenix, Arizona

Four outfits, three ceremonies and two parties all in less than 48 hours would seem insane to most wedding couples.  However, we are talking about the Vietnamese-Indian wedding of Thu & Vinay, where the fusion celebrations happily   delighted family and friends.  Bride Thu and Groom Vinay, movers and shakers on the New York City scene, chose to have their nuptials in their home state of Arizona at the historic Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, a Waldorf Astoria hotel, during the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend.  The events began on Thanksgiving morning with a traditional Vietnamese ceremony held at the home of the bride’s parents.  The bride was vintage and striking in her authentic cultural bridal apparel.  That evening, the groom’s parents hosted the traditional dance party, a Sangeet, where many family and friends entertained the couple.  The next morning, the groom arrived to the ceremony in his very cool laid back way, having a great time on his horse. The couple exchanged both traditional South Indian Hindu vows followed by a personal commitment ceremony at the reception, where the bride wore one of the most exquisite wedding gowns we have ever seen.  The colors for the wedding were reflective of those important to both cultures, red, gold and purple and blended perfectly just like our bride and groom.  Images by Sameer Soorma

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Bazgha & Samir ~ Musical Instrument Museum & Bentley Projects ~ Phoenix, Arizona

What better place than a global Musical Instrument Museum to begin a cultural wedding celebration that focuses on music, family and lots of good food?  Bazgha and Samir commenced their traditional Pakistani wedding events in the gorgeous outdoor courtyard of the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona on a perfect evening in November 2015.  The much anticipated henna party featured colorful decor, henna painting and live action Pakistani barbecue stations with melt in your mouth cooking.  The guests gathered from all over the world to honor the happy couple in the bride’s home state of Arizona.  Bazgha, wanting a contemporary twist for her wedding reception, chose the very hip Bentley Projects in downtown Phoenix as her venue. The very chic atmosphere bestowed chandeliers gleaming down upon her guest dining experience, which was fueled by cultural meals that are only reserved for the finest of celebrations.  The expression on the bride’s face during the traditional bridal farewell, where we normally see a lot of tears, was truly one of gratefulness to her mom, who was instrumental in ensuring that all of the guests were happy and well fed and that her daughter’s dream wedding had come true.  Images by Sameer Soorma

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Kinjal & Rohit ~ Montelucia Resort & Spa ~ Paradise Valley, Arizona

Generally when families gather for the Thanksgiving holiday we picture one large table of good food, fun and drink.  In the case of Kinjal & Rohit, it was 300 of their family members and closest friends who joined them in  this holiday wedding celebration on Thanksgiving weekend 2015 at the Montelucia Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  The couple and their guests took advantage of picture perfect weather and a beautiful location to celebrate this important event.  The bride’s parents, who were the most gracious hosts, engaged their guests to three days of cultural parties filled with traditional Indian food and music.  The bride and groom looked fantastic posing in their traditional outfits within the cozy spaces of this intimate Moroccan designed venue situated in an Arizona landmark location.  Not only did Kinjal have her dream wedding in her hometown, she and Rohit were able to celebrate in a place very special to them both.  Images by Yogi Patel Global Photography


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Samira & Munish ~ Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa ~ Tucson, Arizona

One thing we have learned when planning our events here in Arizona is that we can always rely on Mother Nature to add her little kickers on wedding days.  Not only did she provide Samira and Munish with a beautiful backdrop of the Catalina Mountains at the Westin La Paloma, she also commanded some serious hot and gusty winds to join the party for this October 2015 wedding.  So what’s a little extra kicker for an event that was already a perfect fusion wedding?  Bride Samira, our Persian beauty, joined her life with Munish in what really ended up being a perfect day.  Samira honored Munish’s Indian heritage by donning a traditional Indian wedding sari for the ceremony and later slipped into a perfectly couture wedding gown, meant only for a true Persian princess.     The couple’s decor vision transformed their ballroom in a classy, upscale dining space, accented by a wedding Sofreh for their cultural Persian wedding ceremony.  We are glad that Samira, after being asked, by tradition, several times during the Persian ceremony if she would like to marry Munish, finally said yes to the delight of all of their family and friends.  Images by Sameer Soorma

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Lindsay & James ~ Royal Palms Resort & Spa ~ Phoenix, Arizona

Bride Lindsay’s wishes came true when she and groom James exchanged vows on a late September 2015 evening at the wedding venue she had dreamt about since she was a little girl growing up in Scottsdale.  The Royal Palms Resort & Spa proved the perfect setting for our bride who has the best taste in everything……her glamorous vision visible everywhere you turned.  The intimate gathering commenced in the serene and private ceremony garden with signature cocktails bearing the name “Big Brown Eyes,” which was given to her by her dad when she was a young girl.  The dinner reception featured gorgeous floral trees designed with premium long stemmed orchids flown in from Hawaii just for the wedding. Adding to Lindsay’s sense of style were her exceptional bouquet of ruffled red roses and bedazzled glitzy bonbons for every table.  Groom James absolutely delighted in his bride’s style, telling everyone that is one of the very many things that he loves about her.  Images by Ruby Rideout

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